Recent Accenture research, conducted by Loudhouse, reveals that business and technology executives underestimate the potential benefits of 5G.

The survey takes in the views and opinions of more than 1,800 executives from mid-sized and large businesses. And we found that they tend to underestimate the disruptive potential of 5G technology. It seems that this is down to lack of relevant information in provider messaging.

Unfortunately, 60% of executives say that communications providers misunderstand the challenges they face in their particular industry, for example how they might apply 5G technology to innovate.

When looking to invest in new technology, Chief Information Officers (CIOs) need to know precisely what the business value to their organisation will be. As the service provider, you should be able to offer context and explanations that illustrate exactly how your service, solution or platform will provide measurable benefit for those who are interested in working with you.

Our research found that more than half of CIOs (53%) say that they think there are ‘very few’ things that 5G will enable them to do that they can’t already do with 4G. Fewer than two in five executives (37%) expect 5G to bring a ‘revolutionary’ shift in speed and capacity, and nearly three-quarters (72%) say they will need help imagining future possibilities and use cases for 5G. Providers should be able to address these concerns.

Communications around 5G clearly need to be backed up by substance if providers are going to successfully sell to businesses.

No matter how well you know your technology, you should understand and speak to your customers’ specific needs. While buzzwords can be a great hook, often more targeted information is required. Market research could help you better understand the execs you’re targeting so that you can deliver more effective messaging and help them to fully understand the benefits of your service.




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