B2B tech buyers have never had so much choice. In our recent survey, The Breathless Buyer, seven in ten said they feel ‘there is a lot more competition in the marketplace’. But can there be too much of a good thing?

More choice means more risk

With choice comes confusion. From mobile devices to predictive analytics, technology is constantly changing, and that means buying is becoming high risk. Fail to understand the technology landscape and a bad investment could ensue; 57% of buyers are concerned about the risk of not making the best choice, while 61% think the buying process has become more complex and time consuming.

This means, if you’re a tech seller, you need to give context to all the choice. With so much on offer, it’s vital that buyers understand how your product is different or better than a seemingly similar competitor, and also where it fits within an industry context. Obviously, your salespeople and frontline staff can help with providing this information. But one of the most effective ways of doing this is with content, especially as 46% of buyers have mostly formed their preferences before they even get in touch with a supplier.

Will buyers take the time to read your content?

There’s a lot of content out there – and not all of it’s good. But our research suggests that buyers do spend a fair amount of time reading, so it’s worth investing the time in producing quality resources like eGuides, brochures, blogs, and infographics. The IT decision makers from our survey claim to spend nearly four and a half hours reading industry developments every week, and over five hours researching specific products, services and suppliers.

So, your job is to produce content that captures buyers’ attention and provides context for the relevance and importance of your product, whether that’s demonstrating your product’s value to the customer; showing how your product can alleviate pain points; or highlighting wider industry concerns or trends, and how your product fits within this. And be brave with it – 84% of respondents in our survey say they’re more likely to consider suppliers who aren’t afraid to stand out with their marketing.

Content’s role in informing choice is only becoming more important

Ultimately, it seems content’s role is only becoming more significant – 75% of decision makers say they rely more on content to inform their purchase decisions than they did a year ago. So, whatever tech buyers you’re targeting, make sure your content can help them make the right choice.

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