B2B technology buying is a committee decision; a committee that’s often made up of different personas with clashing agendas. To help understand how to market effectively to this group, we surveyed IT, marketing, finance, operations and HR to find out about their tech-buying experiences.

One of the things we found was, perhaps unsurprisingly, that your buyers are likely to disagree over certain issues. So, we titled our latest, extensive research report: Clash of the Tech Heads.

In November 2018, Loudhouse interviewed 600 people responsible for making IT-related purchases for their businesses in the UK and the US. We then created a persona profile for each department representative in order to better understand how tech providers might market to each of them.

Clash of the Tech Heads looks at: drivers at each stage of the buying process, each persona’s approach to decision-making and how suppliers can utilise this insight.

The buying committee
Much to the annoyance of IT, buying has become a committee decision. IT and finance tend to align, but there is friction between finance and other departments. It seems that marketing, too, tends to be out of step with the other personas.

The buying process
We found that both researching and buying tech products has become more of a time commitment for all involved. Meanwhile, trust in social media and Google search is relatively low, while IT professionals still see a lot of value in IT events. Though trust for IT analysts is also high, they are unfortunately fairly inaccessible for those outside of the IT department.

The challenges
The biggest challenges for our buyers are: keeping up with new tech (57%), assessing whether the product or service is right for their needs (56%) and evaluating value for money (53%). Keeping up with new tech is a struggle for all of our personas. More than half say that buying tech has become more complicated during the past year. And while IT enjoys learning about new tech (64% have a real passion for it) – HR, marketing and operations find it more of a chore.

Read the report for much more information about each buyer persona, and what they look for during the buyer journey.

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