How’s your shut-eye been recently? A study of UK marketing directors has revealed that changes in the competitive landscape are causing them to lose sleep, with over half stating that differentiation was a major challenge. As B2B experts, we’re not surprised. True differentiation in a conservative B2B market is difficult stuff, because it means treading the line between being bold and getting results.

We call it school disco syndrome: we want to be noticed, and we want to stand out – but the idea of standing out too much is scary. It brings an inherent risk. Customers can disengage, leading senior execs to assume that the comms function doesn’t understand their business.

But if you’re serious about standing out, we think risks are necessary – it’s simply a case of taking the right risks. This recorded webinar covers how to get differentiation right in a conservative B2B market, where both customers and colleagues count. Tune in to hear Billy Hamilton-Stent of Loudhouse discuss the two key stages of differentiation:

• Using customer insight to formulate a differentiating B2B strategy that strikes the right balance of engaging customers and appeasing internal stakeholders
• Activating differentiating campaigns brilliantly to build brand advocacy quickly

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