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Charting new territory

Our client is a leading global information services business, providing data quality management tools and analytics services to clients around the world.

Its flagship data management product has typically sold its offer into centralised IT-led teams responsible for managing large business critical databases in large enterprises. But our client believed that a new user segment was emerging. With a product in development to address this user segment, our client needed hard numbers and deep insights to feed into its business plan.


Loudhouse was commissioned to conduct research to:

  • Validate the existence of the segment
    1. Does the White Space exist as an easily identifiable segment?
    2. What is the business profile of the White Space?
    3. How large is the White Space?
  • Understand Drivers & Behaviours in the Target Market


We designed an efficient but effective research methodology which gave us robust data on the market as a whole but also allowed us to drill down into the target user segment in greater depth. We conducted almost 900 telephone interviews with those involved in managing mission critical consumer data bases. The research spanned North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.


As a result of this research our client has a precise understanding of:

  • How to target potential customers and where the greatest opportunities lie in terms of:
    1. Company profile and organisational structure
    2. Sector
    3. Decision maker
    4. Region
  • How to build a sales and marketing campaign which keys into the needs to potential targets

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