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Identifying opportunities for new products can be a particular challenge in the technology sector. Buyers don’t always know the potential of developing technologies, or understand how they can impact their business and personal lives. In noisy markets, it’s important to look at what else is out there, and where the gaps in the market lie.

We uncover opportunities for you to grow

Loudhouse can inform your go-to-market strategies by helping to map the competitive landscape, identifying market opportunities and road testing your ideas for new products and services pre-launch.

Market Opp

Market opportunity

It’s a funny thing about new technology. Once people have it, they can’t imagine living without it. But getting people to think about new technology can be hard, because buyers can’t always understand the benefits or visualise the potential applications. Our research identifies unmet needs and frustrations, and uses techniques that help buyers imagine the possibilities that new technology can bring, whether that’s large screen TVs or 3D scanning. We use co-creation and interactive techniques to help people look beyond the technology landscape they know today.

Market Assesement

Market assessment

We conduct desk-based assignments for clients who want to understand where the whitespace is and avoid competing head-on with their competitors. And we use similar techniques to profile key accounts for B2B clients who need to understand what is driving strategy and purchasing in their target market.

Market Development

Product development and testing

We have developed a suite of methodologies to test products at all stages of the development life cycle, from concept stage through to prototype testing. We carry out focus groups and depth interviews to explore how ideas resonate and how they might be developed, and can also turn our hand to sophisticated quantitative techniques, designed to model demand and fine-tune specs and pricing.

Going beyond insights

Our strategy and planning team can help you to explore opportunities before they reach the formal research stage, running co-creation and ideation sessions with staff and stakeholders. Then, post research, we work with clients to develop strategies based on our insights, including branding, naming or product strategy development.

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